What can we do?

With the technical skills around the machines, as well as the conceptual design and implementation of events for Flogos, Foam party and Snow party, we are acting as full-service event agency to provide our customers in launching their events with what their desire. For any large-scale event, like football match, festival event and carnival, we will also meet and communicate with organizers/event agencies for planning and designing the event schedule, we can supportively assist in all phases to integrate our services in an event.


What can Flogos do?

We have performed hundreds of FLOGO events for many big name clients. We have done events such as parades, festivals, grand openings, concerts, and sporting events. The sky is not the limit anymore!

Foam Party

What can Foam machines do?

Variety of organizations rent our Foam Party machines for launching a great and exciting party. People are having fun and getting crazy during the parties. The easy-to-use Foam machines produce mountains of foam for kid parties, nightclubs or auditoriums.

Snow Party

What can Snow machines do?

By renting our snow machines, having romantic snowy environment is not just a dream in Hong Kong. People can have their ideal romance for their special moments NOW! Engagement or wedding? Birthday party or Valentines’ day? Just contact us now for your own romantic and amazing moments!

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