Snow Party FAQ

Do the Snow Machine make real snow?

It’s not real, which is Evaporative Snow, not cold.

What is Evaporative Snow made of?

Evaporative Snow is a laboratory formulated foam based solution that makes the brightest looking evaporative snow product. It is 98 percent water and two percent surfactant. Surfactants are elastic chemicals that make the hollow flakes. This solution, used in our snow machines, creates a realistic looking snowfall. The solution is air aerated at 1/10,000. The water starts to evaporate within seconds making the flakes become smaller and lighter until they disappear. The surfactant chemical becomes microscopic particles. The surfactants used in our FG-100 formulation are of the highest cosmetic grade possible. They are non-allergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining.

Will the Evaporative Snow stain anything?

When the machines are used properly, they leave no moisture. For years we have been making it snow on millions of visitors in theme parks, and we have never received one compliant of staining. If the flakes are made very large, they can hold some moisture, which can remove the pigment of silk and lacquer surfaces like a baby grand. In these cases, the flake size has to be adjusted to a quick evaporative flake size.

Will the Evaporative Snow stain anything?

The product, used with the right settings, can be run continually without causing any slippery surfaces. This can be achieved by setting the flake size to evaporate before it hits the ground.

We are the only snow provider that tests snow fluid for wetness – slippage on various floor surfaces, a coefficient of friction meter testing. We had several independent coefficients of friction measurement slip tests with major theme park clients and passed with flying colors.

Can it be used around food?

Many caters and event planners use this product as part of a display, entrance ways to a party or as a “wow” effect as guests sit to have a full course meal. It is also used for many weddings as the bride and groom cut the cake. It is even kosher.

Does it have an odor?

Originally, it has no odor or taste. But we can create and add the odor by your preferred perfume.

Is it fire retardant?

Yes, it is a water-based product, but will not set off a sprinkler system. Please click here for our Material Data Safety Sheets (“MSDS report”).

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