Foam Party FAQ

Is the foam slippery?

No, it has the same viscosity as water. It does not have soap-like qualities.

Will it make the floor wet?

Yes, it has water, and water will make your floor wet. If some say their foam is dry foam, it is untrue. You cannot have foam without water.

Do our foam guests get wet?

They get damp but not soaking wet. It also depends if they sit in the foam vs. stand in the foam.

How long will the foam last?

It all depends on how many people play in the foam. As more people play in the foam, they break the bubbles. But usually, if foam is untouched, it can last for hours.

At the end of the night, what happens to the foam?

If you let the foam dry out, it will turn to a powder that can be swept up. It does not leave any sticky residue. Depending on the amount of water and foam you use, you can have leftover water on the floor, which can be mopped up.

Does the foam hurt your eyes or skin?

The foam has hypoallergenic cosmetic grade chemicals that will not hurt your eyes or skin. Our foam solutions also have a moisturizer for the skin. It is important to note that, if the floors have been cleaned with bleach, it can react with the foam. Please click here for our Material Data Safety Sheets (“MSDS report”).

Can the Foam be colored or tinted?

Yes, we have many different scents such as bubble gum, cherry, and more. Foam can also be tinted blue, green, yellow, and pink.

What kind of events can Foam be used for?

Foam can be used at church events, children’s parties, camps, night clubs, and even fund raisers. Every one of all ages loves to play in foam.

Does the foam hurt the lawn or trees?

All our foam solutions are biodegradable and do not harm any living thing.

Do you need apply any special permits to use the foam?

You only need to find the government approved qualified sewage company.

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