Flogos FAQ

What are FLOGOS?

FLOGOS consist of foam (proprietary surfactant based foam formulations) which is brought to fly with the aid of compressed air and helium.
This foam is made from the mixture of filtered water and a concentrate of our patent FLOGOS fluid.
FLOGOS are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly 100% and dissolve after about 45 minutes. That makes FLOGOS for innovative Green marketing tool that can be reconciled with an ideal sustainable corporate philosophy.

How long, how far, how high can a FLOGO fly?

A FLOGOS can travel many kilometers before it dissolves. Depending on how the aptitude of wind is, it can fly up to 10 kilometers wide and climb up to 1500m. They fly slowly, so they are visible for a long period of time.

The visual impact also greatly depends on atmospheric conditions such as wind and relative humidity. On average, FLOGOS last for 30 to 40 minutes. After FLOGOS have a lifespan of about 40 minutes, together with high production of the FLOGOS machine, the sky is littered with FLOGOS after a short time.
They can be seen from afar, over the rooftops and trees away, and convey a message far beyond the place of events beyond.

Which materials can be represented by FLOGOS?

The design is virtually unlimited! A FLOGO can be up to 36 inches in size, it can represent complex and complicated shapes, letters and symbols. The larger the FLOGO stencil, the more complex the logo can be.
For each customer design, we will manufacture a custom-made stencil for making the FLOGOS.
If the FLOGOS are containing words, it is advisable to not more than four characters to “write”, otherwise they may become illegible. If the FLOGOS are formed by too many characters, they may be easy to break apart or also be hard to see in the air.
If you want to know whether your desired motif is possible to be a FLOGO, please contact us for advice.

How big is a FLOGO?

Depending on the nature of the subject are and the stencil you want to use, FLOGOS size is usually between 55 and 90cm. Thus, we can represent very small forms, as well as large icons or logos.
For foam forms as the great “500” We use a different FLOGOS machine than for the smaller Kussmund in the video.

How many FLOGOS produces a machine?

FLOGOS are constantly reproduced. How many FLOGOS rise up per minute depends primarily on the size and complexity of the subject. Basically, smaller FLOGOS are reproduced faster than large ones. The period of time varies between about 10 and 40 seconds.
When using more than one machine, these are set so that they send the foam motifs always a time lag in the air. So there are no long breaks and there is after a few seconds already something to look at. We recommend at least two machines for events, so FLOGOS will fly approximately every 7 to 25 seconds, again, depending on the machine size and desired thickness.

Where does the name FLOGOS?

The name “FLOGOS” is an invented word, which was done by the developers.
It is a combination of “flying logos” or “floating logos”, or in German: “flying logos”.
And even if FLOGOS far more than just logos may represent, the original name was retained. Because … “flying foam motives” or “floating lettering” sounds abbreviated simply not particularly.

What does a FLOGOS -Full-service use?

With our full-service booking, the customer, the “all-round carefree package” and do not have to worry about anything. The prices for such a full-service use are graded according to the number of machines and lenght of stay. They refer to the default setup with 4 hours operating time per day and per Schoblone machine.
FLOGOS standard setup means the machine (if several are used) are close together and are not moved during the event.
In advance, we are planning for the optimal positioning of the machines and make the FLOGOS stencils ago. We join the FLOGOS machines and all accessories for your event and ensure the smooth running of the show.
That we take care of both a rapid assembly and disassembly as well as to the care and technical operation of the machines during the entire duration of use.
If you also have special needs or special ideas for the event, we are happy to consider jointly how to embed FLOGOS optimally with you.
Even when it comes to realizing a very special setup or extraordinary designs, we offer advice and practical help and support you in the conceptual elaboration of your FLOGOS events.

What is the FLOGOS standard setup?

“FLOGOS standard setup” means that the FLOGOS machines during a full-service use are close to each other and during the event will not be moved.
Of course, any other setup with multiple or changing stands is possible. Merely for the sake of human resources planning we put in our standard price list for simplified calculation of this standard setup based.
If you have special needs, we provide you with an individual offer and advise you on the optimal setup of FLOGOS machines at your event.

I need How much space for FLOGOS machines?

The space required for the setup depends on the nature and course of the number of FLOGOS machines from which are used at an event.
There are several FLOGOS machines that have slightly different dimensions. Which are used depends on what motives are flown at the event.
If you want to know exactly how much space you need for your event for FLOGOS, please give us a call and we calculate the exact footprint for you.
With standard setups – as seen here – we use two of our large machines and put them side by side.
Then we will need a total of only 3.5m an area of about 2m x 2m.

What do I need to FLOGOS at an event to be able to use?

All you need in order to use FLOGOS at your event can be space for FLOGOS machines and electricity.
All it takes is a standard socket, as it is everywhere, with 220 volts, which is protected by 16 amps.
All other accessories brings with our team and our FLOGOS -Full-service calls included.

Is there FLOGOS in color?

Yes. The FLOGOS foam can be colored with a specific color. But reflect most beautiful pure white FLOGOS light.
At night, the FLOGOS can also be illuminated with colored spotlights (see photo), which creates especially beautiful light reflections.
When inked FLOGOS we draw attention to the risk that color stains can occur when similar house walls touch. For this, we can assume no liability.
Despite colored residues are colorful FLOGOS just as environmentally friendly as white.

Can FLOGOS also indoor flown?

Yes. FLOGOS are very well suited for indoor applications.
The FLOGOS foam is very dry and therefore leaves virtually no stains on the walls and the ceiling.
Higher ceilings are indeed recommended, as the FLOGOS then can ascend higher and better distributed, but work FLOGOS also in lower areas.
The proportion of helium FLOGOS can be very finely controlled, thereby increasing the speed in which they ascend, can be controlled.
It is even possible, FLOGOS to let almost hover on the spot, which works great especially at indoor events. Because after this absolutely constant conditions prevail (no wind, constant humidity, etc.), the proportion of helium can be perfectly adjusted permanently.

Is personnel required to operate the FLOGOS machines?

Yes, we therefore requests to a full service, which includes the necessary manpower.
Although the actual operation of the machines is not difficult FLOGOS -Personal is necessary for several reasons.
1. We guarantee the technically flawless implementation of the operational. Our FLOGOS operator have the necessary experience to be able to respond quickly to any eventuality can. It may, for example, be necessary to swap during the event, the helium bottle, which can carry our staff with a few simple steps.
2. The machine should not be left unattended. Mainly because guests and spectators – especially children – are very interested and quite come close to the machine zoom. A person who keeps an eye on things, so is indispensable.
3. In any weather fluctuations in outdoor events, our team can respond immediately and ensure optimal results with a custom helium admixture.
4. The FLOGOS operator take care of a fast, experienced assembly and disassembly of the machine. That is, we come shortly before the beginning of the insert (the build-up time for a standard setup is less than one hour) also disappeared again within a short time and are then.

How far in advance should I book my FLOGOS event?

FLOGOS are booked at short notice and ready for use. We can realize the customer full service inserts with standard setup within 48 hours from the commission. Guaranteed!

And locally we do not require long preparation times, because for standard setups is the build-up time of FLOGOS machines less than an hour. Therefore, we offer this 48-hour guarantee, of the order by the customer to the flying Wunschmotiv of foam at his event.

Can I get help with the conceptual elaboration of my FLOGOS -Events?

Flogos Hong Kong is part of member events, a full-service event agency. We offer our customers in addition to pure FLOGOS -Use Also additional agency services of the conceptual design and implementation of events.
An elaborately designed event – or a series of events such as a roadshow – requires a perfect coordination of all components. A professional planning is even more important to the more gears engage. When you combine the “FLOGOS effect” with other measures, you will achieve above-average performance.
We can look back on many years of experience as an event agency and countless missions with FLOGOS and are therefore the best possible out of their event. Be it in a standard full-service applications, complex custom or an extensive roadshow over several weeks.

Can you fly different motifs with a FLOGOS -Machine?

Yes, because a change of FLOGOS stencil is very easy and fast.
You can with a few simple steps, even during operation, to be replaced.
There are only open to the lateral holders and already, the template may be removed. The change thus takes only a few seconds and allows you to fly consecutively different FLOGOS motifs.
Are the forms very small, several different designs (eg small heart) can be introduced and sent at the same time in the air in a template policy.
However, If you want several larger designs at the same time represent, this is only possible with multiple FLOGOS machines.

Can I Works FLOGOS in any weather?

Although of course sunshine and mild temperatures for every outdoor event are at their best, FLOGOS works in almost any weather.

“Up” There are no restrictions. This means that even extreme heat and humidity are no problem. High temperatures do not affect the foam or the flight characteristics of FLOGOS.
“Down” works FLOGOS up to temperatures of -4 degrees and wind speeds up to 12 km / h. Light rain or drizzle can not harm the FLOGOS also. Excessive rain, however, the foam motives would destroy.

What cancellation terms apply for a FLOGOS -Use?

If you have booked FLOGOS binding for an event and the stake will be postponed or canceled, the following cancellation and rescission applies:
1. right of withdrawal to 14 days before the event
2. Payments are for cancellation up to 14 days fully repayable before use
3. Following drop in cancellations of events following cancellation costs:
– From the 14th day to 5 days before the event 30% of the offer value
– After the 5th day until the departure of FLOGOS teams 50% of the offer value
4. After departure of FLOGOS teams, or shipping the FLOGOS generators, the calculated total net sum of the application comes

Is using FLOGOS requiring a license?

For a FLOGOS -Use it requires no special permit to fly.
There is still logged in but the FLOGOS -Use of us at Deutsche Flugsicherung to charges of “unidentified flying objects” avoid any calls and astonished astonishment.
However, in public space, a general authorization may need to be sought, although not specifically applies to FLOGOS, but each relates to the stands builds, promotional campaigns carried out, playing music or the like.

Are the FLOGOS machines noisy?

Making the FLOGOS machines except a barely audible Wasserblubbern no noise.
When working with air compressors, so the sound is characterized naturally. We use very soft devices in the immediate area (about 2 meters) of FLOGOS machines produce a noise level of only 58dB in our operations.
Just a few feet away, the noise attenuates so much so that it is in no way perceived as disturbing.

Can FLOGOS also mobile, for example, be on a trailer, used?

Yes, the FLOGOS machines can be installed on a pickup truck or a trailer.
Operation while driving is only at a very slow pace possible, because otherwise the FLOGOS machines too strong sloshing water back and forth.
In any case, several stations can be approached in case such an operation in succession in order to be sent to different locations for a while FLOGOS into the sky.

Who has used these so far?

In worldwide, we have performed hundreds of FLOGOS events including events such as: Nintendo, Coors Light, Walt Disney World, Sheraton, and the list goes on. We have done events such as parades, festivals, sporting events, touring bands, and grand openings. The sky is not the limit anymore!

As this is a new service imported by Flogos Hong Kong, just contact us to be the pioneer! Earlier than your competitors!

How long does it take to set up a FLOGO event?

These machines have been designed for the event industry. They are built in attractive road cases and set up in less than 30 minutes. They are broken down in about in 30 minutes.

Is it possible to change the FLOGO stencil in one machine?

Yes, the stencil can be changed out as many times as the client requests. We have performed events with multiple sponsors where they have requested multiple custom-made FLOGOS. At these events the stencils were changed out every 15 minutes but it can be done to the clients’ specifications.

Will they travel over my target?

Our certified FLOGO tech will place the FLOGO machine in the optimum location. FLOGOS travel with the direction of the current wind flow, and the winds can change at higher altitudes. FLOGOS, however, are highly visible as they take flight to hundreds, even thousands, of feet and then travel for miles before evaporating.

How long will it take to develop our FLOGO?

Our in-house FLOGO art department will develop your FLOGO stencil usually on the same day your order is placed.

Are FLOGOS HKAA approved?

Due to the fact that FLOGOS have minimal mass and are made out of 99% air, they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Aviation Authority (HKAA). It is a standard FLOGO policy, however, that if a FLOGO event is taking place within 5 miles of an airport, we notify the tower that we will be flying FLOGOS nearby.

How long does it take to set up a FLOGO event?

FLOGO machines have been designed for the event industry so they are built into functional road cases. Set up and break down are both less than 30 minutes when performed by trained FLOGO technicians.

Is it possible to change the FLOGO stencil in one machine?

Yes, stencils can be changed out as many times as the client requests. We have performed events with multiple sponsors where several different custom FLOGOS have been flown concurrently. At these events, the stencils were typically switched out every 15 minutes, but we will accommodate your particular need. We also have several standard shapes available for your event along with your custom FLOGO(s).

Do you assist with business consultation regarding advertising?

Yes, we can design a program using FLOGOS to work with your current advertising campaign.

Does the foam hurt your eyes or skin?

The FLOGO has hypoallergenic cosmetic grade chemicals that will not hurt your eyes or skin. Our FLOGOS fluid also have a moisturizer for the skin, please click here for our Material Data Safety Sheets (“MSDS report”).

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